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Commercial and residential Realtors, brokers and agents should be using drones to increase their marketing reach to potential clients. Sweeping aerial images of neighborhoods, rolling hills, distances to schools, shopping and other amenities can be an instant draw.

Brokers and agents using drone technology are getting a big advantage over their competitors.

Aerial Photography in St Louis CA Clubhouse

Here is a beautiful club house area we just shot with our drone fleet in the St Louis area.

Shooting more today.

Rob Haller
St Louis Video Producer

How many ways can you use a drone aerial video?

Drone helicopter aerial photography and aerial video.

Let us count the ways we can help you!

Creative Imagery

Making a feature film, commercial, music video or other type of production? If so then you already know the benefits of an aerial perspective for your production. We can fly where full size aircraft cannot! Such as flying through narrow areas such as city streets or natural obstructions.


Aerial Photography

Digital photographs are great for realtors, resorts, commercial & residential property investors, home owners, golf courses, casinos, private investigators, accident investigators, insurance adjusters and more.



Show your customers a bird’s eye view taken from any height where they live, work or play. Real estate sales are increased by providing powerful images of surrounding terrain. Enhance your business presentations and advertising with unique, high-resolution images.


Replacement as platform for full scale aircraft

Sometimes smaller is cheaper and safer. Also low altitude shots do not require us to zoom in through haze in the atmosphere producing clearer shots.

Event or news live video transmissions.

Got News? We have the ability to downlink a video signal to a ground monitor for a live view of what the camera is seeing. This allows the pilot/camera operator to use the pan/tilt controls to properly compose the shot.


Insurance documentation

Who’s fault was it anyway? See what has happened or what is still occurring.


Construction, Build and Development Photography and video

Document the scope and status of your project.


We also offer video and photo post production and editing

For your website, your commercial or for the big screen we can help.


Here are some other uses for our services.


Marketing / Advertising

Building Contracts


Land Development

Real Estate



Land Appraisal

Business Inventory

Wildlife Management



Aerial Data Collection

Resorts and Recreation

Legal / Forensic Data Collection

Fire Control

Golf Course Planning

Auto Dealer Inventory

Retail Site Planning

Personal Property Documentation

Estate Photography

Private Investigation

Law Enforcement

Insurance Damage Assessment

Video Surveillance

Structure and Barrier Inspection

Earthquake Damage Inspection

Video Production

TV News / Commercials



Rob Haller, St Louis Video Producer

St Louis Video Producer

st louis aerial photographers | aerial photography

st louis aerial photography

st louis aerial photography

We’ve combined our education in photography and graphic arts, along with the commercial construction industry. We’re here to help the Developer and Contractor.

Our unique background given us the ability to capture just the right images needed by many of the local and national firms who have called upon us.

Our knowledge of the construction industry has given us a niche other photographers in this field lack.
Our understanding of the needs of our clients also enables us to likewise provide a high quality service at a cost that allows them to fill their demanding budgets throughout the length of any project.

Our services include aerial, architectural, commercial and construction photography.

Rob Haller, St Louis Video Producer


St Louis Video Producer

St Louis Aerial Photography and Video

St. Louis Aerial Photography and Video offers the best combination of price, quality & speed of delivery to the Gateway city. In fact, we can handle aerial locations anywhere in the world for your aerial needs.

Commercial and Residential Aerials

Construction Progress Aerials

Special Events Aerials

Legal Services Aerials

Architectural Aerials

Time Lapse Videos

St Louis Aerial Photography and Video

Mike Haller or Rob Haller