Drone Aerial Photography and Video Production

Our drone crew utilizes the latest in small drone technology including GPS and gyro-stabilized flight control systems to deploy sensors capturing high quality images used in asset management.   We are a technical services company assisting customers interested in precision aerial photography, construction progress, real estate and industrial property marketing.

Personal safety & protection of property is our first priority. Pre-flight planning, inspections and preflight checklists are part of every unmanned aerial photography flight.  While flying the aircraft, our pilot always has visual contact with the equipment.  While the navigator directs the shots.  A thorough inspection of all equipment is conducted before and after each flight.

St Louis Drone Aerial Photography and Video with our two person flight crew.

St Louis Drone Aerial Photography and Video with our two person flight crew.

Robert Haller, Drone Specialist


St Louis Aerial Photography and Video

It may seem like commonsense, but during aerial drone filming, you’ll want to make sure that the location is clear of other people; such as other photographers, gardeners or landscapers, unless they are actors on the production.

Often there is an advantage to having the owner or agent on site for the duration of filming/photography. We make sure to work with you and your agent to get the best aerial real estate drone photography footage possible.  We can suggest items to prepare for the outside of the home or commercial location before our professional drone photography team arrives.

Drone Pilot and Navigator, two person aerial drone crew.

Drone Pilot and Navigator, two person aerial drone crew.

Here are some items common to many drone aerial projects:
Close doors
Clean up landscaping (mow, trim shrubs, clear leaves)
Pick up any stray items that may be laying around
Cover dirt with mulch to make it look more attractive
Sweep all entry ways, the porch and sidewalks
Remove visible water hoses
Open or arrange all window coverings to same length for uniformity


Call when convenient to discuss the particulars of your specific drone aerial project.



Robert Haller, Drone Specialist

We have the best aerial photography equipment in St Louis!

Our gear and our crew, is top of the line. We can provide the special tools you need for the shots you require.

DJI Phantom with GoPro Camera
DJI Inspire with 4K Camera
S900 with Sony Camera
S1000 with 5D Camera
Dragon Red Epic Camera

Robert Haller, St Louis Video Producer

St Louis Aerial Photography and Video Production

Our gyro-stabilized camera gimbal provides smooth full HD video and amazing perspectives. Our team of creative cinematographers and editors provide industry leading quality. We pride ourselves on using flexibility, creativity and positive attitude to accomplish every project.

Contact us for details on how we can help profile your event or property!

Of course we shoot outside, but we can also shoot your plant tour inside. We shot a number of video and photography plant tours with our drone system. Here is a raw clip from the recent shoot showing our two man crew at work.The VLOS visual line of sight is where we excel in safety with our two man crew. The pilot keeps his eye on the drone at all times during the flight, while the navigator views the imagery and directs the shot.

Robert Haller, St Louis Video Producer

St Louis aerial photography | Drone videos


What a beautiful day to fly with 150 of our newest friends.  The design for the logo was setup and perfected with CAD and positioned everyone properly for the best shot.

Marketing and promotion has always been a priority to any business for attracting customers and investors. Now with the proliferation of social media and online video, the need to stand out has become even more important.

Our St Louis Aerial Drones can offer a company those fresh new camera angles for corporate marketing videos, website photographs, presentations to investors or updates to the board of directors.

Whether it’s an aerial view of that new industrial complex, an advertising campaign or marketing photographs of the corporate headquarters, we can provide a creative new perspective.

We’re ready for takeoff and focusing on the big picture!

Rob Haller
St Louis Video Producer


St Louis Aerial Photography and Video Production Company

Commercial and residential Realtors, brokers and agents should be using drones to increase their marketing reach to potential clients. Sweeping aerial images of neighborhoods, rolling hills, distances to schools, shopping and other amenities can be an instant draw.

Brokers and agents using drone technology are getting a big advantage over their competitors.

Aerial Photography in St Louis CA Clubhouse

Here is a beautiful club house area we just shot with our drone fleet in the St Louis area.

Shooting more today.

Rob Haller
St Louis Video Producer



Drone aerial photography and video for commercial properties

We provide professional aerial photos and video for commercial properties of all kinds. Aerial photographs of your business location are great for marketing materials. High resolution images for use in all media — printed collateral materials, trade show displays, newsletters and the web.

For businesses, corporate headquarters and multiple office branch locations. Aerial photos that showcase your geographic footprint.

For Commercial Property Owners. Whether it’s for insurance or real estate purposes we can capture your commercial property in the best light.

Drone aerial photography and video for construction projects

We can provide your business with aerials from start to finish, showing stages of any construction project. Use those pictures in your marketing efforts or on your website to impress potential customers and to demonstrate your capabilities.

Building Lots & Prospective Site Surveys

Only an aerial photograph can provide you with a “birds-eye” view of potential building sites, showing surrounding features you just can’t see and appreciate from the ground.

Construction Progress Monitoring

Record the progress of a construction job on a periodic basis, to keep a permanent record for legal, billing, or archiving purposes.

Drone aerial photography and video for insurance firms.

It is sometimes critical to document events like storms, tornado’s, fires, any and all damages for insurance purposes, whether you are the insurer or the policyholder. Making sure there is a permanent record of such events can protect either party in the event of a claim or a disputed claim. We can help with hard evidence to support your case.


Rob Haller, St Louis Video Producer

St Louis Video Producer